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Who is Zach?

Zachary Coltrain is a 20-year-old college student at Appalachian State University. His education and background are in music therapy where he practices with clients during the semester. Zach intends to become a board-certified music therapist working in children’s medical centers. Serving on the leadership team for the App State Speech and Debate program.

Zach was born in Virginia Beach and has been raised in this district over the past 19 years. He is an alumnus of Strawbridge Elementary, Princess Anne Middle, and First Colonial High School. Playing a part in this community has been important to Zach for a long time, from the Pungo Strawberry Festival all the way to the Oceanfront Holiday Parade at the Beach. He has been present at these city-wide events as a son, a marching band member, a student, and a representative for other campaigns. Year after year, he is blown away by the wonderful people and the events that they create within Virginia Beach. 

Throughout highschool Zach worked tirelessly with his school work, extra curriculars, and his  job at a local grocery store. Zach was a captain of the speech and debate team in high school, and was awarded in several other academic competitions such as mock trial and Model UN. Zach learned through these programs how to articulate thoughts within political spaces, and found his passion for speaking out against observed issues through the 757 and beyond. 


In the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial, Zach served an internship with the Federal Probation Office in downtown Norfolk where he observed federal court proceedings and met with several public attorneys that provided him with lots of insight into the real criminal justice system. 

About the District 

VA 98 is entirely housed in Virginia Beach, it spans from the Chesapeake border to the oceanfront and from Oceana Naval Base to the North Carolina border. This is a very interesting district because it really pulls together folks from all over the city. To me, this is an advantage and is a chance to show that our district is not just favored by one political side of the aisle. I want to be a voice for those in the district who haven’t felt truly represented by their current delegate. 

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